For over 50 years we have been designing and manufacturing machines and equipment for sprayed concrete and refractories.

The vocation for innovation, the resources invested in research over the years, the continuous relationship with users, today allow us to propose a range of products with unique characteristics and performance at the top of the market.

We provide solutions that exceed expectations

We have always been committed to driving innovation in our sector of activity, adopting the best technologies and manufacturing methods available, to meet the evolving needs of our customers, often developing our products together with them. Our mission is simple but ambitious: to provide solutions that adapt at best to the specific needs of our customers, taking advantage of the experience gained and continuously investing in the development of products and processes.


Specialized Technical Advice

We offer specialized technical consultancy on specific projects, helping you find the solution best suited to your needs. We provide you with detailed technical support and practical advice to ensure the success of your project.

After-Sales Service

We guarantee a complete after-sales service for all our equipment. The large warehouse and the availability of qualified technicians ensure that the equipment is kept in optimal conditions and eliminate or reduce machine downtime to a minimum.

Equipment customization

We actively collaborate to offer you tailor-made solutions through specially designed products or by modifying existing ones. The multiple versions of the rotor machines, adapted to the T.B.M. back-up layouts, are a tangible example of this collaborative practice.

On-Site Assistance

We provide our assistance by guaranteeing constant support directly on your construction site, both through our specialized team and through a widespread network of highly qualified agents.


We offer training dedicated to the safe and effective use of our equipment. Highly trained technicians will guide you through correct use and maintenance procedures, ensuring staff are trained to maximize performance.

Documentation and Resources

For any of our equipment, we provide you with a vast collection of comprehensive documentation, technical data sheets and detailed installation guides.

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