The spraying arm model OSM-8600 RAPIDO is characterized from its simplicity and contained dimensions. The arm find its use mainly in slope consolidation works but it has been adopted as well in channels restoration and small/medium size tunnels projects. The whole structure of the arm is protected from robust steel frames that together with the primary quality components allows its use in the most hard working conditions. All the movements are driven from proportional electro-hydraulic distributors that allows a precise and fast positioning while the tilting movement at the head, excludible with a dedicated selector, facilitate its use.

The OSM-8600 RAPIDO can be supplied as free standing unit or mounted on a hydraulically stabilized track carrier. 

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  • OSM-8600_2
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Weight Kg. 950


Installed power: HP=10, 3x400 V, 50 Hz (other voltages upon request)
Electric control panel: EEC NORMS (EN-60204-1; EN-60439-1; 73/23/EEC; 93/68/EEC);
Protection degree: IP55;

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